About Our Event

In this fourth edition of our UX Meetup, part of an extended year-long series of Meet the Experts planned for 2019, we’ll be gathering experienced professionals behind some of the most important organizations in the US. Discover how they oversee business strategy, people and the culture that drives a company’s approach to the digital path and consistent user experience. Learn how the experts achieve success!

Key Takeaways:

  • Recommendations on how to foster user experience beyond Design teams.
  • Thoughts on how User Experience has a meaningful impact on business strategy and bottom line.
  • Advice on how to lead teams and manage your professional growth opportunities.
  • Thoughts on how to place the User Experience at the heart of your business.
  • Lessons learned from the trenches.


Here's our panel of experts

Melissa Schmidt

Director of Research at Autodesk

Melissa has spent the last 15 years practicing UX research, and the last 8 years leading research teams. At Autodesk, Melissa enjoys leading large, cross-functional projects that bring customer insights to drive business and product strategy. She is a strong believer in the power of design thinking to increase creativity and has taught it to over 250 coworkers as a certified LUMA instructor.

Ben Hester

Group Product Design Manager at Intuit

With 19+ years experience in digital design, Ben blends a background in business strategy and user-centered design to help organizations large and small succeed by focusing on the needs of the people they serve. At Intuit, Ben leads a design team focused on taking the complex workflows of financial services and designing simple solutions that empower users. He is a big believer that design thinking can be applied to any challenge to help align cross-functional teams and foster innovation.

Tianyu Wu

Product Designer at Spotify

Tianyu believes in the intersection between data and design.  She worked on both the enterprise and consumer product in the past few years. She has been working for places like Spotify, Amazon, McKinsey and consulting startups. She strives to create simple and delightful products to help people solve problems.

Santiago Tribiani

UX Director at Making Sense

Designer with 10+ years currently performing as Team Manager and mentor. Responsible for setting the highest standards of a team by creating and scaling processes, methodologies, tools, and people. Data-Driven UX strategic thinker, passionate about understanding users and their needs, motivations, businesses, behaviors, and marketplaces.

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